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size=200m 2.5.1 or later Allow /tmp to only use 200MB of swap space. Don't enable any naming services like NIS or NFS. For example, we have a Solaris8 x86 server and CheckPatches reports that we need: 109897-03 SunOS 5.8_x86: USB patch 109952-01 SunOS 5.8_x86: jserver buffer overflow 110417-02 SunOS 5.8_x86: ATOK12 patch But Don't enable power management, or mount any remote file systems (NFS). Source

The first time it is run and defaults are set, it creates /usr/sadm/defadduser with a defaults for new user accounts. you can't specify a rule for "/home/*/www/cgi-bin" files, that would work even when new directories are added under /home. Press[Return]tocontinue: [u]VERITASSYMANTECBACKUPEXECREMOTEAGENTFORLINUXANDUNIXSERVERS4.0INSTALLATIONPROGRAM[/u] installraluswillinstallthefollowingRALUSpackages: VRTSvxmsaSymantec-VxMSMappingService,ApplicationLibraries. WouldyouliketoinstallSymantecBackupExecRemoteAgentforLinuxandUnixServersonallsystemssimultaneously?[y,n,q,?](y) InstallingSymantecBackupExecRemoteAgentforLinuxandUnixServers4.0onallsystemssimultaneously: CopyingVRTSvxmsapackagetoserver2...............Done1of6steps InstallingVRTSvxmsa4.2.1-REV=build211_2004.08.15onserver1...Done2of6steps InstallingVRTSvxmsa4.2.1-REV=build211_2004.08.15onserver2...Done3of6steps CopyingVRTSraluspackagetoserver2...............Done4of6steps InstallingVRTSralus10.00.5629onserver1.........Done5of6steps InstallingVRTSralus10.00.5629onserver2.........Done6of6steps SymantecBackupExecRemoteAgentforLinuxandUnixServersinstallationcompletedsuccessfully.

Then type in the log in details for the account of your choice. ShowTime,日本最大影视资讯网站 哔哩哔哩 射手网 红旅动漫 道兰字幕(闻大道煌煌可正气,沐幽兰谦谦以清心) When I was Writing... Works standalone or with Jumpstart. Does the system behave as expected?

Both package format and tarball, script to make custom packages. All rights reserved.Symantec, the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SymantecCorporation or its affiliates in the U.S. Error Message Attempting /usr/bin/rsh with servername.local ... Install Jass See the section Jass Overview for an overview of this tool.

Not only do the weakness pose threats but the volume of weaknesses and patches can be a threat: if not managed carefully, they will consume too much time or they will I had to install it then it worked. They do not listen to any network ports though and so pose less risk. useful source Tripwire Install, test, harden applications Going Live Reference section Regular maintenance Jass Overview: Test Drive | How good is Jass hardening? | What I like about Jass? | What don't I

Disable YP, NIS+ SUID tools unless you need them: chmod ug-s /usr/bin/chkey If only root uses cron or at, then restrict them: chmod ug-s /usr/bin/at /usr/bin/atq /usr/bin/atrm /usr/bin/crontab If only root Regularly copy the configuration and database to floppy disk or write-one media, in a crisis it will be very useful. 12. No configuration changes are made to the systems until all configurationquestions are completed and RALUS is installed successfully.To display the Remote Agent as a selection in a media server's backupselection tree, Be very careful when editing vfstab, e.g.

Test in detail. their explanation If you don't have an isolated network (not advisable), then change the root password to something easy, download the files and change the password again, shutdown the network interface immediately. Next, the "initial state" of the system needs to be saved: cd /secure/tripwire; ./tripwire -i 2 -initialise -c tw.config This will create a new file database (which may take 5-15 minutes). The free version can be tricky to get working correctly and has a few bugs.

See also the section Boot disk backup. this contact form Duck Duck Go - 不会追踪你的搜索引擎 海盗湾 When I was Watching... SUNWman SUNWjvman SUNWj2man While we're here, we'll install compression tools- zlib (for OpenSSH) and bash/tcsh (because they are nice shells :). Then, edit the file "/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist" and add the line "blacklist ipv6".

Next we try the 'undo' feature which allows us to go back to the configuration before Jass was run. root, then the password. Other features: Man pages are included. have a peek here This is typically used to allow normal users to access certain function typically only allowed to root, for example binding to low ports, mounting a floppy disk, etc.

Cannot /usr/bin/rsh to xxx Initial system check failed. The value could be set to say 30% of swap space. /tmp ro 2.x Read-only Mounting filesystems read-only provides only a limited protection against Trojans/attackers (if they get root, they can Connect the serial console, switch on, halt to the OK prompt by sending a Stop-A (~#, ~%b, or F5 depending on whether you use tip, cu or a vt100 terminal), then

RESOLVED: I needed to add a line to the /etc/ralus.cfg.

Hardware: Consider installation via the serial port console, get rid of the keyboard, screen and framebuffer. Sunscreen lite can be used to protect network communications to the local machine (among other things). One suggestion for paranoid systems is to disable all except 'pt_chmod', 'utmp_update' and 'su'. fin, install-recommended-patches.fin and install-strong-permissions.fin.

So if you use gcc, you may have problems installing and compiling Perl XSUB modules (the XML::Parser module taught me this). 7. The version we tested here was from 19.Jan'01. - Sometimes it does not install a patches because some other patch is required. These tools may save you some time, but will of course not be the very newest versions. Check This Out Execute 'chkconfig rsh on' 0 Kudos Reply Armin Norouzi Frequent Advisor Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content ‎06-06-2008

To check if IPC is used on your system, run: ipcs chmod ug-s /usr/*/bin/*/ipcs /usr/bin/*/ipcs After appling the above commands on a Solaris 7 or 8 "user bundle" install, the list Was there anything else you had to do to get the media server to "see" your remote Linux server? So, put back in Solaris CD#2 and install it first: Sunscreen Tip: Sun have published a paper on the Sunscreen lite v3.1, 18 months after this section was written, so it's Was there anything else you had to do to get the media server to "see" your remote Linux server?

No Yes Did this article save you the trouble of contacting technical support? Now install libstdc++5 The Backup Exec package needs this to run. Both have the same username/password i.e. The find command can be used to list all SUID files: find / -perm -u+s -ls or all SGID files: find / -perm -g+s -ls How should we handle SUID files?

Syslog server or "loghost": Give the loghost a whopping great disk for logs. It very nicely asks us which 'Jass run' we would like to undo: /opt/SUNWjass/jass-execute -u The undo seems to work fine, except for BSM auditing which is not cleanly removed, see Package notes: "core" bundle users may wish to add other useful packages now, for example: Terminfo: SUNWter Accounting: SUNWaccr SUNWaccu NTP: SUNWntpr SUNWntpu UCB tools: SUNWscpu Man pages tools: SUNWlibC SUNWdoc This sections presents some strategies for handling patches and tools to make life easier.

If RPC is restricted to localhost, and 'rpcinfo -p' is attempted from another host, the following is logged: Aug 4 14:55:15 myserver rpcbind: refused connect from to dump() 9.

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