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Cannot Access A San/iscsi Lun Backing Up This Virtual Disk

Lots of caveats.  You should use NFS for this, not iSCSI.  iSCSI is SCSI over IP.  Imagine regular SCSI drives, you can't just plug them into multiple servers at the same However, its feature list is fairly compelling if you're looking at a complicated iSCSI deployment.iSCSI Initiator Targets TabThe Targets tab is the first you see when you start the applet. Now I am looking to find a compatible SAS HBA to use for the clustered storage, which I think I can find, but even after that I will still be stuck All rights reserved. http://mediastartpage.com/cannot-access/cannot-access-a-san-iscsi-lun-backing-this-virtual-disk.html

VCB uses these tools to confirm the best method of backup for each individual machine. If you prefer the MBR method for any reason, you'll have to use something other than Server Manager to initialize the disk. Reply Vincent January 18, 2016 at 10:26 am For Hyper-V Server I'd like to see a good tutorial how to configure disks using PowerShell. Whew, big mouthful that is. https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000035280

It is my understanding that the VRTX does not meet the minimum requirements for a proper failover cluster but Dell would know better than I would. Read the Prepare a Single Disk for Usage section if necessary.Fibre ChannelI would really like to post a nice how-to guide on FibreChannel connections. If you're not especially taken with the name Cluster Disk 1, you can double-click it and change the name in the Properties sheet. I create iscsi connectIon And The failover test passed.

That way, you'll be able to easily migrate to whatever device eventually replaces this SAN. Thanks in advance. Try updating it to the latest available version, also removing multipathing software completely and rebooting Veeam Backup often helps (if the issue is connected with multipathing software). If one of your VM has 300GB which is the biggest of all then you should have at least 325GB disk space available on the Mount Dir location.

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Making a selection here configures the policy for all connections to that disk, but does not affect other connections to other disks.SMB 3.0This will be easy: as long as the share SSLVerifyIsEnabled: failed to read registry value SSLVerifyCertAgainstSystemStore: The remote host certificate has problems. Once they're done, hopefully none of them turn red. You can use either PowerShell or the GUI.

MetaData Collection Failed Error Double post :( Unresolved Backup Exchange Database failed... http://sysadmkb.blogspot.com/2011/10/vmware-vcb-backup-problem-with-iscsi.html A certificate in the host's chain is based on an untrusted root. What follows is for a generic iSCSI target.After you've installed MPIO, run MPIOCPL.EXE at any command or PowerShell or Run prompt. I would definitely check the Create a volume when this wizard closes checkbox before clicking Finish.

Deduplication File Sizes CommVault Support for Vsphere 6.... check over here VCB cannot snapshot a non-running machine so the process will not allow for this type of backup. Of course I found out when server1 over wrote all the data on server2.   What you are basically asking is can 2 servers use the same hard drive without either Create/Manage Case QUESTIONS?

Then use what was the Exchange Datastore as our VM Datastore... Before troubleshooting you should confirm the following: Step 1 - Make sure all VM's are running, not stopped nor paused. You can click the Advanced button on this small dialog to configure more security options. http://mediastartpage.com/cannot-access/cannot-access-a-san-iscsi-lun-backing.html But get other error 3168 a14 01/10 14:43:54 ### SAN: Cannot access a SAN/iSCSI LUN backing this virtual disk. (Hint: If you are using vcbMounter you can use the option "-m

The third is running a GUI version of Windows Server and hosts the storage for the cluster. Setting up a new File Server on Hyper-V. 40gb LUN for OS running Windows 2012 Server. I've never seen this used in a two-disk system and not sure how it would work, perhaps active/passive.

Once the LVID has been returned by the API, Veeam accesses each disk visible to Windows to search for the LVID (which it finds only if the volume is a VMFS

Check using Virtual-Center or use the SuperUser credentials for ESX. If you're using multiple paths, then each path will be listed twice. Makes sense, don't want to support every protocol under the sun and CIFS isn't as good, in this scenario, as NFS.  Too bad though.  Time to start warning people off of Thank you!

You'll get a warning message that lets you know that onlining a disk that is currently being used by another server might cause data loss. The Target secret refers to the password that the initiator is expecting for this disk, NOT the discover portal. Solved Post Points: 1 Report abuse Re: Error while create backup VMWARE over SAN Posted:01-06-2011, 8:36 AM Vincenzo_Basolino Joined on 05-17-2010 Technical Surgeon Points 3,333 What OS is the RSA weblink Reply Frank November 11, 2015 at 10:32 am Hi EricI have a 2 node cluster with an iSCSI SAN containing 2 CSVs.

I'm not going to talk about IPSec any further except to say that this is where you configure it on the initiator side. Exchange message restore from tr... CVMWareInfo::_UnmountVM_VCB4() - Unmounting Disks for VM [RSA] vsbkp::HandleVMComplete() - Skipped VM [RSA] vsbkp::Wait() - Done processing VM RSA - SKIPPED vsbkp::BackupAllVM() - Closing archive file for backup object 0 vsArchive::close() - It is also suggested to instead only check the debug checkbox and let the VM's be populated into the Database.

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