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Files to ignore can also be specified via environment variables and command-line options. root root system_u:object_r:cvs_data_t:s0 loginfo -rw-rw-rw-. Note Read-only, anonymous access to a CVS repository can be done in two ways: The recommended way is to use your operating system's security mechanisms. Your suggestion solved the problem.Just for fun I want to point out that the user guide is telling me this:- - - USERGUIDE EXTRACT - - -You will need your user his comment is here

root root system_u:object_r:cvs_data_t:s0 taginfo,v -rw-rw-rw-. Some rights reserved under Creative Commons [Attribution - Share Alike] System Processes File System Network SSH SCP VPN with SSH RSYNC SUDO Encrypt Files Encrypt Partitions SSL Certificates CVS SVN Useful Thanks, Lovelesh The error is pretty clear. Notices Welcome to LinuxQuestions.org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Read More Here

causes CVS to process every file, except any files that are specified in.cvsignore in the sandbox (or, if importing, the import directory). This method for moving a file doesn't affect the file's revision numbering, and it allows the old directory to be removed if all the files are taken out of it in Copy the relevant line of the fileattr file from the file's old location to its new location. Editing a Repository There are times when you need to restructure a project or when something has gone wrong in the repository.

Example 6-4. Nothing new appears when I try to update a module. See the examples on CVSROOT below for how to use them: Direct local access to the file system. Scripting Files The files described in this section control scripts that run at specific times when the repository is modified.

Commit this change with a message that you've moved the file to the new filename. Bug676314 - Permission denied to CVSROOT after update Summary: Permission denied to CVSROOT after update Status: CLOSED NOTABUG Aliases: None Product: Fedora Classification: Fedora Component: cvs (Show other bugs) Sub Component: Tip If your repository is in /var/lib/cvs, then /var/lib/cvs is the repository root directory and /var/lib/cvs/CVSROOT is the repository's CVSROOT directory. Comment 2 Domingo Becker 2011-02-11 17:18:23 EST (In reply to comment #1) > Which version of cvs package did you have before the update acceptance > (/var/log/yum.log)? > # grep cvs-

When I set SELinux in permissive mode, I still get the same error. For example, if you create an animal project with elephant and turtle subprojects, then later change the name of turtle to tortoise, there is no way to record that versions of Return a failure code and display # an error message. When you are finished reading in the #cvs.lock directory, you must remove the #cvs.rfl file to release the read lock.

Committing a file with sandbox permissions that differ from the repository permissions does not affect the permissions in the repository version. anchor CVS Subdirectory The only file stored in the CVS subdirectories in a repository is fileattr, which lists the file attributes of the files in the parent directory. This restricts the amount of damage that can be done to these files by a malicious or careless user, unless they happen to have root permissions. You need not restore every project in the repository, but when you restore a project you should restore all its files and directories.

These files usually are configured on a per-project basis, so Chapter 7 explains them in more detail. http://mediastartpage.com/cannot-access/cannot-access-null-no-policy-files-granted-access.html The CVS process on the repository server reads the calling user's CVSUMASK and, if this variable is present, uses the umask to set the permissions of any files or directories the The time now is 01:58 AM. The simplest way to freeze a repository is to block clients from accessing the CVS server.

Example 6-1 shows a small repository and the permissions and groups set for it. Darel

RE: I can not checkout emacs code (posted by Sylvain Beucler, Mon Jan 30 15:18:25 2006) We have Apache running on port 80, because we provide ViewCVS there :) root root system_u:object_r:cvs_data_t:s0 passwd -rw-rw-rw-. http://mediastartpage.com/cannot-access/cannot-access-home-cvs-cvsroot.html If you're just removing a stale lock, this isn't necessary.

Typical uses include determining whether tag names meet your project's standards, and logging tags. In the sandbox, remove the old file with cvs remove old. That's because the repository will be in an inconsistent state while the files are being restored; you don't want anyone to read from or write to the repository during the restore

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Add the entries from .cvsignore in the user's home directory. (The .cvsignore file is explained later in this chapter.) Add the entries from the user's CVSIGNORE environment variable. Chapter 5 explains uses for the notify file and provides an example in Example 5-1. CVSROOT/config SystemAuth=no LockDir=/var/lock/cvs LogHistory=TMAR RereadLogAfterVerify=stat cvswrappers The cvswrappers file contains a line-separated list of wrappers that control the merge method or keyword-substitution mode of files, based on a filename pattern. pserver access is anonymous only.

root root system_u:object_r:cvs_data_t:s0 editinfo -rw-rw-rw-. These are the file and directory names that indicate CVS locks: #cvs.lock The presence of this directory in any repository directory indicates that a process holds the master lock in the The valid values are any combination of the following letters:

A Log when a file is added to the repository. check over here You need to freeze only the directory that contains the file you want to move and the directory it will be moved to.

root root system_u:object_r:cvs_data_t:s0 loginfo,v -rw-rw-rw-. A single run of unfreeze thaws multiple # runs of freeze. G Log when a file is updated in a sandbox with a successful merge. It must be writeable by all CVS users, and it is created by cvs init to be owner- and group-writeable.

If this does not work, try using the Unix diff program to determine the differences between an old and the new sandbox. This is calculated after the -e CVS option or the client's environment variables have been read. TopLevelAdmin is valid in CVS 1.9.29 and later. PreservePermissions=value' The current version of CVS (CVS 1.11.5) does not support this option. Check the response code for the directory-creation command; if it fails because the directory already exists, wait and try again later.

How is True < 2 implemented? An Attic subdirectory stores any file from the directory it's part of that doesn't exist on the trunk (the main development line for the file). This behavior is extremely useful when you're using cvs import on a directory that contains only files that you want to store, as it ensures that every file in the directory

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