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Bacula Label Command


I think I have the correct job set up, I understand its a manual full job (no schedule) and have run into 2 problems (as seen in the log below). 1. You can change what is backed up by editing bacula-dir.conf and changing the File = line in the FileSet resource. For example, enter TestVolume001, and you should get back: Defined Pools: 1: Default Item 1 selected automatically. When a volume has filled up with data, Bacula will change its VolStatus from Append to Full, and then Bacula will use the next volume and so on. Source

No limits. Restoring Your Files If you have run the default configuration and the save of the Bacula source code as demonstrated above, you can restore the backed up files in the Console These are the configuration parameters similar to these in bacula-dir.conf: # Default pool definition Pool { Name = Default Pool Type = Backup Recycle = yes Recommended. -?

Bacula Label Command

Hope it gets you a little closer! A Volume, in Bacula terms, is a place for backups within a Storage Daemon. Please see the Windows Version of Bacula Chapter of this manual.

Note, the LastWritten column has been truncated for proper printing. +---------------+---------+--------+----------------+-----/~/-+------------+-----+ | VolumeName | MediaTyp| VolStat| VolBytes | LastWri | VolReten | Recy| +---------------+---------+--------+----------------+---------+------------+-----+ | DLTVol0002 | DLT8000 | Purged | If like me, you have a very large set of Volumes and you label them with the date the Volume was first writing, or you have not set up your Retention Re: [Bacula-users] Job is waiting for an appendable volume From: Erich Prinz - 2007-04-30 13:16:35 I can only get you pointed in the direction you need to take -- hopefully Bacula Volume Retention You can start with the same bacula-fd.conf file that you are currently using and make one minor modification to it to create the conf file for your second client.

Ok, thanks for your help too but I sort of know this. Device Is Blocked Waiting To Create A Volume For: That is the Volume name and all its other attributes will appear when you list the Pool. At this point, the job is BLOCKED waiting for a Volume. Hope it gets you a little closer!

At this point, enter the following command: show filesets and you should get something similar to: FileSet: name=Full Set O M N I /home/kern/bacula/regress/build N E /proc E /tmp E /.journal Bareos Cannot Find Any Appendable Volumes Cannot find any appendable volumes. The names you use are your choice. After the connection terminates the daemon will exit.

Device Is Blocked Waiting To Create A Volume For:

The Director has the following additional Director specific option: -r Run the named job immediately. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. Bacula Label Command I do not know what caused it and I do not know precisely how I fixed it. Bacula List Files In Job Finally do the same for your Storage daemon with: status storage and you should get: The defined Storage resources are: 1: File Item 1 selected automatically.

Physically relabel the old Volume that you deleted so that it can be reused. Cannot find any appendable volumes. > Please use the "label" command to create a new Volume for: > Storage: "FileStorage" (/home/bacula/storage) > Pool: Default > Media type: File > > The Click to get it now. > http://sourceforge.net/powerbar/db2/ > _______________________________________________ > Bacula-users mailing list > [email protected] > https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/bacula-users > Re: [Bacula-users] Job is waiting for an appendable volume From: John Steel Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. Bacula Stop Job

The scripts startmysql and stopmysql are what I (Kern) use to start and stop my local MySQL. The second change was to add a new Client resource that defines matou-fd and has the correct address matou, but in real life, you may need a fully qualified domain name The ./bconsole runs the Bacula Console program, which connects to the Director daemon. Since Bacula is a network program, you can run the Console program anywhere on your network.

Connecting to Client rufus-fd at rufus:8102 rufus-fd Version: 1.30 (28 April 2003) Daemon started 28-Apr-2003 14:03, 0 Jobs run. For the moment, I recommend you change nothing else. Delivers lowest initial acquisition cost and overall TCO of any competing solution.

The default is the daemon name followed by .conf i.e.

Quote Postby altiris » 2013/12/26 02:33:24 I already have a label for that drive and listed it in fstab and bacula, what gives? Would I need to modify settings of Buffer size in my Storage Daemon? the Pool holds most of the default attributes used when creating a Volume). From a command line do: mt -f /dev/st0 rewind and mt -f /dev/st0 weof, where you need to use the proper tape drive name for your system in place of /dev/st0.

I am getting this error only from one of my jobs, the others are finishing correctly. I'm pretty sure this job will take more than one volume to complete. Cannot find any appendable volumes. If you wait a few seconds, then enter the command messages you will get back something like: 28-Apr-2003 14:22 rufus-dir: Last FULL backup time not found.

This will help ensure that Bacula functions correctly with your tape drive. Once created, you may use the {\bf update} command to modify many of the values in the Pool record. Be sure to clean up at the end with: rm -rf /tmp/bacula-restore Quitting the Console Program Simply enter the command quit.

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